Black history month

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Chris Rock is a famous movie star and comedian. He is my favorite comedian. Since 1987 he has been in 39 movies. Hell will be in his next movie Madagascar 3. His style of comedy deals with family, politics, romance, music,  and race realtions in the United states. From 1987 to now hes been in 21 televisions shows. He is a very famous African American performer.


Presentation Questions

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1.  Do you like presenating information?

Sometimes I like to present information and sometimes i do not. When its a topic I like and know about I like to present, when its not  i dont like to present.

2.  What do you think are the key elements in a good speech?

Knowing what you are talking about and speaking loud and clear.

3.  What is difference between giving a speech about something you enjoy as opposed to something that you do not enjoy?

It is different because I enjoy telling people about things I enjoy oppose to something that I dislike.

4.  Why do you believe powerpoint is a helpful tool to use for presenations?

It can enhance all your sense because you can read it, hear it from the teacher and put cool things in it like videos and audio.

5.  When do you think you will be using power point after high school?

In college, and maybe for a presentation for a job.

my shopping list

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Struggles that i came across was budgeting what I buy because i like to have a lot of food in my house. It is important to budget yourself while grocery shopping because you should know what you can and cant afford. Yes I have more of an understanding of how much food cost because I really did not buy a lot of things and it cost 76 dollars. Yes, i did enjoy this project because i learned how to budget and it dealt with my favorite thing which is food!


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I chose Pratt, Monmouth University, Rutgers, Johnson and Wales Miami, Rowan, and Cornell. I chose Pratt Institute because it is close to home, has majors that I’d like to pursue, is in an environment that I like,  and is a really good school. I chose Monmouth because its instate and close to home, has majors that I like, its down the shore, and it seems like a good fit for me. I chose Rutgers because it is a big instate school, close to home, and is a good school. I chose Johnson and Wales in Miami because its in Miami, has the major I’d like to pursue, and seems like the perfect school for me. I chose Rowan because it’s instate and its a good school. Finally, I chose Cornell because it is a really good school has the majors I am going to pursue.

Social Media Revolution

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This social media revolution is not just a fad. The statistics show that social media is a big part and will be a big part of people’s lives. It is crazy how technology changes everything. It has changed the way people precede media.

Who’s under pressure?

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An international poll shows that the people of Brazil feel the most pressure to lose weight. 83 percent of Brazilian people feel under pressure of losing weight. The study also shows that women are more likely to feel the pressure than men.

To be right is not always popular…To be popular is not always right.”

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Being “popular” is not always right in the social word. Some people think that being popular is doing bad things and making fun of people and other stuff. A type of popularity can be right. If people like you because your nice and do good things is a different type of popularity. If I’m so called “popular” than i would not like to be so in a bad manner but be popular in a good way.